Soda Thief BANNED from McDonalds

This lady stole a TON of soda from McDonalds over the course of the year, check out how she reacts when getting BANNED from the store, and forced to pay back the store owner for all the stolen beverages.

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5 thoughts on “Soda Thief BANNED from McDonalds”

  1. We have this guy who comes into where I work and grabs a cup and gets tea and never pays for it. We know he’s doing it but he doesn’t know that we know. We have cups behind the Counter as well as dining room, so anyone can just get a cup from dining room and get whatever, but he’s the only asshole who does it and never pays and he tries to hide it by covering his drink with a newspaper (which he also stole) as he walks out. I don’t know why Management hasn’t done anything about it.

  2. looool @ 3:47 ” it hippity hopped over” and Rakesh hops off the screen. Brilliant! 😂😆

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