Manager Reacts to Being Pranked over and over Again for 5 Months

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10 thoughts on “Manager Reacts to Being Pranked over and over Again for 5 Months”

  1. I have new pranks in the works, planning on releasing videos on Wednesday and Sunday! (And more of a regular subtitled prank call on Sunday, a super super funny one). Thanks for the support and your patience while I get used to producing this new content. Don’t worry, the regular subtitled pranks aren’t going anywhere. My next prank just isn’t quite ready to be released yet 🙂

    1. We ALWAYS appreciate your work. YouTube missed out on this wonderful work creative, committed and funny. We, your dedicated fans, love you and your work. We genuinely appreciate…YOU.

    2. When’s the real name reveal, NM? Or are you going to keep lying about being “Russell Johnson”?

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