James Bond Supercar Prank (animated heads) – Ownage Pranks

10% off with promo code “OWNAGEPRANKS” I called a guy who was selling a really beat up Aston Martin REPLICA car. This features Billy and the rarely heard…

10 thoughts on “James Bond Supercar Prank (animated heads) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. The british accent needs improvement..none the less its pretty awesome i
    get to hear ownages version of what i sound like. At times your american
    accent slipped in..plus the accent you were trying was a bit hard for
    americans..stick to the generic queens english accent..americans do that
    good enough to be laughed at

  2. It’s not a new voice… for all you asking, says in the description the
    “rarely used British accent” he’s used it a few times previously 

  3. Hope you guys enjoy the bonus midweek video! I’m debating about regularly
    posting content in the middle of the week again.. what do you guys think?
    If you enjoy the additional content lemme know by giving the video a Like

  4. Buk Lau
    Tyrone Biggums
    Rakesh Cristoval
    Billy Balls
    Abdo Kaboobie
    Juan Martinez
    John Mcain
    Chris Floyd
    Alexander (no surname)
    James Bond (new!)
    Gemini (who needs more appearances)
    Russel Johnson

    Now, you have to name:
    -the stoner (I suggest: “Delta Kappa Epsilon No. 69 xXx_Paul_xXx”)
    -the creepy Batman (I suggest: “Fapman”)

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