IRS Scam Exposed (EXTENDED) – Ownage Pranks

By popular demand, here is the extended version of the IRS Scammer prank. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite part is 😀 Don’t forget to give the video a Like and share this…

10 thoughts on “IRS Scam Exposed (EXTENDED) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Hey Russell…i’m from India & a huge fan…I follow all your videos…Its
    hilarious and really awesome… Thanks for the video and for creating an
    awareness… Waiting for ur next prank…

  2. YES PLEASE, do extended version videos.. Cuz MORE TIME TO LAUGH xD 3 years
    watching you and STILL awesome at pranks :’) 

  3. I’m from India and this is disgusting!! Scamming hard working, naive people
    for their hard earned money. This guy is talking to his friends in Gujrati
    (one of the native languages). Fucking money hungry bastards. They really
    think that all ‘westerners’ are super rich and live an ultra luxurious
    lifestyle. This is how the media and mentality portrays it! BARF!

  4. was the phone number 254-449-9277? i just got a call from some bullshit irs
    scam place lol asking me to return the call

  5. Thanks for all the support on the initial version I posted. So many of you
    asked for this, so here’s the extended version of the IRS Scammer prank!
    ps: I’d love to share their number with you all, but unfortunately it’s
    been disconnected. It seems like they change it every couple weeks. I have
    another new video going up this Sunday!!

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