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  1. These videos are not opportunities to be descriminatory. “Oh, those
    Indians, they’re fucked up,” or “Evil Islamic goat-fuckers should go to
    hell”. This is one man out of many many people. Indians are just like
    Americans are just like the English are just like whatever. Muslims are
    just like Christians are just like Jews are just like Hindus are like
    whatever. He did something very wrong, yes. But that is no reason to piss
    all over an entire faction of the world’s population. Just as all cultures
    are connected by the simple fact that we are human, so are the world’s
    cultures connected by the fact that *every* culture contains fucked up
    people. It’s our nature as humans to be different, and yet our problems
    and general nature are the same anywhere we go.

  2. Happy Sunday errybody, thanks for stoppin by to check out the new video!
    Hit the Like button if you’ve been enjoying these consistent Sunday
    uploads!! I don’t think I’ve missed one yet since announcing the schedule a
    whileee back ;D

  3. Ownage Pranks is on the phone and he just hang up on him without giving any
    Seriously! I would hang up on Emma Watson if Ownage Pranks call me!

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