College Admission Denial Prank (UK) – Ownage Pranks

A fan told me that his sister recently got accepted into Aberdeen University. When I call her mom and say there has been a terrible mix-up, and her daughter …

10 thoughts on “College Admission Denial Prank (UK) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. the mum sounds more than vaguely Nigerian (born and lived there for 10
    the daughter, on the other hand, sounds British?
    Similar to KSI…

  2. I’m amazed by all the pranks where the victims KNOW who OWNAGE is, but fail
    to recognize him. It’s not like he even changes the names of his
    characters. Buk Lau, Abdo, Russel, etc. So if you’re a fan and you hear a
    middle eastern guy named ABDO, would that be a dead giveaway?? These
    so-called fans that LOVE YOU are so stupid.

    If Ownage ever called me though. I would just play along and mess with him
    a bit but deny busting him. It would probably make his day as it would be a
    unique prank experience.

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