Asian PS4 Delivery Fail Prank (UK) – Ownage Pranks

A guy in the UK ordered a PS4 when it was first released but never received it in the mail, I called him as Buk Lau from “Royal Mail” delivery service to let…

10 thoughts on “Asian PS4 Delivery Fail Prank (UK) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. I hate the british accent, they took the american english and started to
    live over there and became to fuck up the accent. I hate british people

  2. So people actually think that xbox one is better than ps4?!?! Don’t get me
    wrong I have both systems but ps4 is better imo. It’s stronger than the
    Xbox and has the better exclusives. Ps4 wins it. But other than that great

  3. Happy Sunday! Get ready some some hilarity featuring Buk Lau, was a
    struggle to not suddenly start laughing throughout this. Share the video
    with your homies! :)

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